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Indiana Advance Pricing Agreement

If you`re a business owner in Indiana, you may have heard of an advance pricing agreement (APA). These agreements are a way for companies with cross-border transactions to establish transfer pricing agreements with tax authorities. In this article, we`ll explore what an Indiana advance pricing agreement is, why it`s important, and how to apply for one.

What is an Indiana Advance Pricing Agreement?

An Indiana advance pricing agreement, or APA, is an agreement between a taxpayer and the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). The APA establishes a transfer pricing methodology for cross-border transactions between affiliated entities. The agreement provides certainty to the taxpayer regarding the tax treatment of these transactions.

Why is an Indiana APA Important?

An Indiana APA is important for businesses because it provides certainty and reduces the risk of disputes with tax authorities. Transfer pricing is the pricing of goods and services between affiliated companies in different tax jurisdictions. Transfer pricing can create tax advantages for companies, but it can also raise the risk of disputes with tax authorities if the pricing is not consistent with arm`s length transactions.

By reaching an APA, companies can avoid the cost and disruption of a tax dispute. An APA also provides a degree of certainty and predictability regarding transfer pricing arrangements.

How to Apply for an Indiana APA?

To apply for an Indiana APA, taxpayers must submit a detailed application to the DOR. The application should include a comprehensive analysis of the proposed transfer pricing methodology, as well as the anticipated tax consequences and associated risks.

The DOR will review the application and may request additional information or clarification. If the DOR and the taxpayer agree on the terms of the APA, the agreement will be signed by both parties.


An Indiana advance pricing agreement is an important tool for businesses with cross-border transactions. The agreement provides certainty and reduces the risk of disputes with tax authorities. If you are a business owner in Indiana with cross-border transactions, consider applying for an APA to establish transfer pricing arrangements with the DOR.