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Materi Bahasa Inggris Agreement and Disagreement

Agreement and disagreement are common aspects of daily communication, especially when we talk about language learning. In learning English, it is essential to understand how to express agreement and disagreement. This article will discuss the basics of agreement and disagreement in Bahasa Inggris.

Firstly, let`s talk about agreement. Agreeing means acknowledging or accepting someone`s opinion or statement. Here are some common phrases you can use to express agreement:

– I completely agree with you.

– That`s exactly what I was thinking.

– You are right.

– I couldn`t agree more.

– I share your opinion.

Using these phrases will show that you are listening actively and respect the other person`s point of view, which is important in any conversation.

On the other hand, disagreement means not accepting someone`s opinion or statement. Disagreeing does not necessarily mean being rude or confrontational. You can disagree politely and respectfully by using these phrases:

– I see your point, but I disagree.

– I`m afraid I don`t agree with you.

– I understand what you`re saying, but I have a different opinion.

– That`s not quite how I see it.

It is also essential to note that disagreeing does not necessarily make one`s opinion superior to the other. It merely shows that there are different perspectives on the matter, which can lead to a healthy discussion.

In summary, mastering the art of expressing agreement and disagreement is essential in any language learning, including Bahasa Inggris. Using appropriate phrases to agree or disagree respectfully can help you build better relationships with others and enhance your communication skills.